Fishing mini-game

Hey Farmers 🚜

Get your hooks ready!

The fishing mini-game is here 🎣

It’s great to sit back and relax after a busy day of work on your farm.
And we’ve got you covered!

Just tap the fishing avatar and enter the fishing mini-game. Catch all the different types of fishes to win!

How to play

Throwing the line

  • Press & hold the action button.
  • Let power accumulate
  • Release to throw the fishing line.

Catching fishes

  • Once the fish is caught, press and hold the action button to reel the line in.

To catch a bigger fish, use a smaller-sized fish as bait.

Currently the fishing mini-game is single-player, soon we will release a multiplayer version, where you can compete with each other. 

In the meanwhile practice and get skilled!

Happy fishing,
Team CropBytes 👨‍🌾

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