February 2020 @ CropBytes

Hey Crypto farmers! 👨‍🌾

2020 has been great for crypto gamers so far. These two months went by so fast. With Bitcoin crossing the $10K mark. Tron acquiring Steemit, and CropBytes crossing over 10,000 users.

CropBytes players got to see a lot of exciting changes in the top crypto gaming platform. Let’s dive in and see what the CropBytes team has been up to in the last month.

Game Updates 🚀

New Ui & Button layout 🎮
The new buttons and Ui theme bring depth and fun to the overall gaming experience. Watch tutorials directly from the game, access superhero abilities, reach out to support and more!

Mark my farm📍
A feature loved by all, initially seen in the first version of the CropBytes app. It’s back! & better than ever. Mark your farm anywhere on the globe and claim your spot.

CropBytes Academy 🎓
Get equipped with all the knowledge necessary to be the best crypto farmer, crypto trader or a farming tycoon! learn at your own pace straight from the app. Check out more on our YouTube channel.

GC/TRX Trading 📊
All new scrollable candlestick chart, standard for Decentralized exchanges and crypto traders, improved order book.

Platform Highlights🍻

GC trading contest 💱
The first-ever Game Coins (GC) <> TRON(TRX) trading contest was a blast. We were amazed by the enthusiasm and participation of players. Over 1,00,000 GC traded in 7 days. 10 winners and total prizes worth 13,000 TRX!

Referral scratch cards 🎴
Everyone loves scratch cards. Our Scratch cards for referrals offer brought in many new users & a lot of excitement in players. Totally over 400 scratch cards were given out.

That’s all the action from FEB- 2020.🎉

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