CropBytes Christmas Special

It’s the season of giving, and we have cracked the most rewarding event for our community of crypto farmers. Use your CBX holdings in this limited-time staking pool on CropBytes win game assets and CBX worth over $100K!

Enjoy the winter while you play and grow your CBX in the CropBytes metaverse! Your farm is now glistening with an all-new winter theme with snow, decorations and more. 🎄☃️

Participate in staking, trivia, art contest and a lot more and stand a chance to win game assets and CBX over $100k🤑😍

Staking Event

Stake your CBX to and stand a chance to win big! From 13th Dec to 28th Dec, You will be able to stake CBX in pools and get rewards! You can stake CBX to get tickets in these pools. Increase your chances of getting more tickets in the pool or holding them longer!

How to participate?

Click on the Christmas event button in the app, select a pool you want to stake in. Stake and get tickets in each pool and hold them.


We’re giving away game assets and CBX worth over $100K! The rewards in each pool will be distributed to lucky ticket holders in that pool. 

Your chances to get a reward are based on the number of tickets you hold and the number of days you hold them for. More the number of tickets held or the number of days they are held increases the probability of getting the reward.


If A pool is 100 CBX for each ticket and the staking period is 15 days

On day 1, Kate gets 10 tickets in pool A by staking 1000 CBX. On the 15th day, she will have 150 tickets in the pool.

On day 5, Maxx gets 10 tickets in pool A by staking 1000 CBX. On the 15th day, he will have 100 tickets in the pool.

How it works



  • CBX locked in staking cannot be accessed for withdrawal, trade or any purchase in the game.
  • Staked CBX will be unlocked only after the duration of the event.
  • CBX locked in perodic or activity unlock cannot be staked.
  • Players can have multiple stakes in one pool (maximum 15)*.
  • Players can stake in multiple pools at a time.
  • Rewards will be distributed to lucky ticket holders from each pool.
  • Each pool has a maximum number of rewards. All the rewards will allotted only if the staking target for that pool is achieved.
  • If the staking target is not achieved, rewards count will be reduced.
  • CropBytes has the right to stop the contest at any time and/ or disqualify the players if any fraudulent activities are noticed.