Community Call – 03/06/2022

The team is working on economy optimisations which would bring more use cases to assets. This includes changes in game flow and closing some core loops which will bring more balance. As you know we are sending out surveys that will help the team get valuable feedback from the community to help build something for everyone to benefit. 

The bear run 

CropBytes has seen bear markets before and just like last time the in-game economy is holding strong and going anti trend. This is because of the real value that the assets have in the economy. Same as what we have built for the assets market, we want to build for CBX as well so that in future even CBX will not follow the global market cycles and remain pegged to the game economy. 

New features coming up

Input for collection for Power: All assets that produce power will require an input like maintenance for collecting Power. At the moment these assets are producing Power without consuming anything. 

Input for collection of Water: All assets that produce Water will require an input for collecting Water. At the moment these assets are producing Water without consuming anything. 

Assets supply: We will be releasing a supply graph for all tradable assets in the game which bring a max cap to the supply and also introduces a difficulty factor for minting these assets. This will create a good balance of supply for assets and set the stage for the launch of the asset minting feature. Stay tuned for the blog release which will detail this out. 

Minging of SHs and Pro Assets: As of now you can directly mint these assets by burning CBX. We are going to bring a supply cap to these assets as well. It will follow a logic similar to CBX mining. This will also be applied to Superhero breeding so that the logic is same for Gen 1A and Gen 1B superheros as well. 

CBX Burn: We have been collecting CBX from various sources like extracts burning, grazing fee, etc. The collected amount of CBX is quite huge. Stay tuned for updates on dates for the CBX burn. 

Extracts Use Cases: In the weeks coming, we will be implementing more use cases for extracts to get more assets and more. 

USDT TRC20: Transfers of USDT over the Tron network will go live soon. 

Visual enhancements: There are some changes to the look and feel of the game which you can see in the upcoming app update.

Bugs: The team has been working on scaling the architecture to accommodate the growing sign up numbers. Many issues have been resolved. A few are being worked on.