CBX Staking on LBank

CBX Staking on LBank 

Stake your CBX on LBank! The pool is now live!

DeFi services on CBX were inevitable, and so here it is! We have partnered up with LBank to bring to you the first-ever CBX yield farm. Now you can stake CBX to earn an APY on your stake.

Get 41% APY (Compound)*

Minimum Stake: 200 CBX!

According to a survey, the average bank savings interest rate across the globe is 0.06%. With traditional savings rates remaining as close to the ground as ever, it’s not surprising that users are turning to DeFi.

Rules for staking CBX on LBank:

The revenue of the position is settled with the designated assets of the project, daily income = amount from snapshots * (annualized yield /365)

Daily snapshots are taken at random, and the settlement income is based on the daily holding value of the daily snapshot.

It is expected that the annualized revenue will be adjusted subject to the actual revenue;

No freeze on collateral assets, can be traded or withdrawn at any time;

Start calculating the revenue on T + 1 day , and the daily revenue will be distributed before 18:00 on T + 2 day;

If the asset balance is less than the minimum, the income on that day will be 0, and if the position closes out on the day, the income will be settled based on the day before closing out.

How is APY calculated

Annual Percentage Yield (APY) is a common term used in traditional finance, as well as in crypto, to explain how much you can earn from your assets. The main difference usually lies in whether your returns are compounded: Whether your earnings themselves generate earnings. This means that you earn a yield on the original staking amount plus a yield on the interest earned. This is done by adding the yield to the original staking amount.